Why you should click on the Google Ad Result over the Organic Result

Many times when you do a Google search, you’ll see a paid ad pop up and right below it is an organic result (see my iPhone example below). When I searched “iPhone” my top two results were:


Both will take me to the Apple website and show me exactly what I’m looking for, an iPhone.

Now, when you see a result with the little “Ad” indicator, this means Apple is paying to have their add show up whenever certain keywords or keyword phrases are searched. If you, as the user, click on the ad link, Apple is charged a fee by Google, however, if you were to click on the link below it (without the Ad indicator), no money is exchanged and you, the user, get the same result.

never clicked on the Ad link because I didn’t want Google to profit from it when I could just as easily click on the link below and save the company a little money.

Well, since I’ve started working with Adwords, my thought has changed on this and I think it is important to click the Ad link, if you are genuinely interested in what that company has to offer.

We Want Data!

DATA! Data is the driving force behind company’s decision and their decision to continue to invest in digital ads. Every time that ad shows up for a user, it is considered an Impression. If a user clicks on the Ad link, it becomes a Click, and if you end up buying something or completing a form, it is a Conversion.

Us analysts, LOVE to know when impressions turn into clicks and when clicks turn into conversions. We want to know that our money is well spent on this advertisement.

BUT, if you don’t click the ad link and instead click an organic link (even though it was the ad that caught your attention) we have no way of knowing that that ad was effective!

So yes, it may save the company a few cents here or there, but you’re costing them in valuable insight into consumer behavior. The data collected through Adwords is used to justify digital marketing budgets and setting bids (how much the company is willing to spend per day on ad clicks).

If our data reflects 2 million impressions but only 1k clicks, we’re doing something wrong and we will make changes but if the data is inaccurate and people are actually gaining interest in our company from our ad but choosing not to click it over an organic result, we have no way of knowing how effective that ad truly was.

So don’t be afraid to click those ads if you are truly interested in that company and their product offerings.

Help us marketing analysts out!


Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash



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