Organic vs Paid: Two Ways to Get Traffic to your Website

Google has become a verbYou google anything and everything, browse the first page, usually click on the first few top hits and only if we’re desperate do we go to that second page.

As a business owner or marketer, you want your website on that first page because you want those clicks. There are two ways to get your site’s content on the first page of Google’s search results: organically and through paid advertisements.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic comes from people clicking links to webpages on your website that you did not pay to have exposed to consumers. (In other words, they found you on Google). Now, unless you have an incredibly unique name or set of keywords specific to your brand or product, you are competing with millions of other websites.

So how do get your website to show on the first page of Google’s results?

Well, you utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You optimize your website’s content in order to have search engines consider your content of good quality. Search engines crawl (search the web for new or updated sites) and index (file those sites in a library of other sites) websites. Algorithms then ranked the websites based off their content, more specifically the HTML code making up the webpage.

For more information on optimizing your website, check out my post Helping you Play By Google’s Rules.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic comes from people clicking on links that you paid to expose to consumers. This can be from a banner you paid to have on another site or using Google AdWords to place your content on Google’s first page.

These can be an easy way to get your name and brand exposed but it cannot guarantee increased traffic. Let’s be honest, how many of you don’t click on the Google results that have “Ad” or “Sponsored” next to them?  I don’t. I scroll right past them and go to the organic results. Maybe I’m alone in that but I feel it’s less reliable if it’s paid for. There’s just something more trusting about unpaid results (which is not true, please don’t believe everything you read or see on the internet, but believe this statement).

When paying for an ad to appear on a website, you need to be sure to create an ad that will not get blocked by Google Chrome and possibly other browsers. The Coalition for Better Ads issued their Initial Better Ads Standards to create a cleaner, more user friendly experience.

Whether paid or organic, the key to increased traffic is providing valuable content. It can be enriching, entertaining, consuming, helpful, and on and on. There’s so many ways to create and produce content that people will find adds value to their lives.

Comment below what value you add to the massive web.


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