The World’s Knowledge is at your Fingertips


Have you ever thought about what your smartphone truly is and all that it can do?

Before seeing this cartoon, I hadn’t truly realized how much power we hold in our pockets. It’s now 2018, seven years after this cartoon was published, and our smartphones just keep becoming more and more powerful and innovative. In 2017, 197 BILLION apps were downloaded. Apps created to entertain us, help us, encourage us, motivate us. They keep us on top of our tasks through reminders and alarms. Our phones even tell us to leave sooner because there’s heavy traffic. We can really do almost anything with our phones, it is pretty incredible.

You have access to the world’s information at your fingertips. Pulling out your phone and entering a simple question into any search engine will produce pages upon pages of information in an attempt to answer any and all questions you have. You can even find an answer to the meaning of life (it’s 42 btw).

You can read almost any book at any time anywhere, you don’t even have to read it anymore! You can have someone read the book to you. Same with music, any song ever created can be pulled and played on numerous platforms.

Language barriers are being broken as our smartphones are able to translate to hundreds of languages and companies like Google are creating apps and devices to translate language in real time.

The funny thing is, even though our phones hold so much power and potential, we spend most of our time playing games and using our devices for entertainment. Besides games, Netflix, texting, and social media, there is so much more your phone can do.

In this blog, I will cover different apps you can use to reach your goals, improve your life, and make various tasks just a bit easier throughout your day. I’ll cover finances, travel, health and fitness, focus, and more. We live in the digital age, it’s time to embrace technology because technology is only going to engrain itself more and more into our everyday lives.

What can your phone do that constantly blows you away? Leave a comment below!

For me, it’s the access to information. I seriously can’t get over the fact that I can Google anything and find some sort of answer to it.


Cartoon from xkcd

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