We’re all living in this crazy, changing, innovative world together

Welcome to the 21st century where it seems everything is always changing. Right when you finally have a grasp on one thing, there’s something else out there about to replace it. Keeping up-to-date with the newest technology or even fully realizing how current technology impacts our everyday lives is difficult if not impossible. For business owners, not realizing the power of currently available technology or preparing for future technological impacts can be costly. On a personal level, there are so many ways technology can help improve our lives and wellbeing, while also creating stress and problems for us. Navigating the world of technology is no faint task but I’m here to help!

As a marketing technologist, my job is to literally learn about new technologies and how they can create better opportunities for my company. I am always looking into how we can utilize new applications or improve on current ones to make day to day operations easier on everyone. My favorite projects are developing applications from scratch, giving me full creative and innovative freedom.

I’ve always been “techy” in the sense that I love picking up a new type of technology and playing with it until I understand how it works and how I can use it. You know that feeling when you get a totally new phone and have no idea how any of it works? For some, you may stare blankly at your phone screen cringing in agony because all you want to do is make a phone call but have no idea how to do it. For others, you can’t wait to figure out all the potential capabilities hidden in your new device. Personally, I fill with excitement and start clicking on each button, going through every setting, what does this do and what does changing that do? Mind you, this can get you into trouble, more on that another time.

In my job and life, I am always learning new skills and technologies. Like I said, things are always changing so you need to be able to drop one technology or concept and pick up another. Sometimes it’s frustrating!! I’ve worked on a project for weeks just to have Microsoft stop supporting a major function of the application, making the project obsolete in its current form. To get the project released, I had to learn a brand-new program. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial in any environment, business or personal.

But with change comes innovation and some truly life altering technologies. Being aware of the changes around you and how they can impact your life is important because it can help you stay ahead of the game. I mean, if self-driving cars became widely available next month would you really go out and buy a new car? Probably not.

I’m here to make your life a little bit easier. Whether that’s helping you stay up-to-date on new, interesting technologies that may impact your life or business or providing some insight into some cool personal applications and devices that may make things a bit easier on your day to day. Just like you, I’m learning each and every day and I hope the little knowledge I learn everyday can help you improve your life.

So please, share anything cool, interesting, fun, or weird because I want to learn from you too.

We are living in this crazy, changing, innovative world together.


Photo by Kevin on Unsplash


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